About Regen Med

Regen Med is focused on the clinical delivery of regenerative medicine procedures (“RMP’s”) which are evidence-based and regulatorily-compliant. It is a product-agnostic company.

RMP’s are forecast to equal medications and surgery in importance as both primary and adjunct therapies. They are increasingly used across a wide variety of medical disciplines, from sports medicine to oncology. Moreover, RMP’s are closely related to other powerful trends in modern healthcare delivery, including personalized (targeted) medicine, ambulatory procedures, improved patient experience, value-based medicine, data/outcomes driven reimbursement, telemedicine, multi-disciplinary therapies, genomics, proteomics, microbiomics and others.

Regen Med works with large hospitals and smaller clinics around the world to establish — or coordinate when already existing — the clinical and patient-facing components necessary to deliver RMP’s in a safe, efficacious, economically sensible and ultimately reimbursable manner.

The Company’s services include healthcare professional and patient education, advice regarding RMP devices and consumables, data collection and reporting (HCP and patient) through its inCytes™ digital platform, business plan development, marketing and communications (including for destination medicine), professional collaboration with clinical and scientific thought-leaders, training on specific devices and procedures, assistance with trials/studies, product incubation, support with journal publications and co-investment.

To accelerate the data-driven development of RMP’s, Regen Med developed inCytes™. This is a low cost, user-friendly and tablet-based SaaS platform designed by clinicians for clinicians. It allows the real time capture of relevant, integrated data across an entire treatment path.

The Company is also proud to host, in conjunction with leading medical institutions, its international and well-regarded CELLS™ Conferences.

For more information on Regen Med, we encourage you to browse our company literature.

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