• Establishing a Regenerative Medicine Center  at the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute, Milan, Italy

    Establishing a Regenerative Medicine Center at the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute, Milan, Italy

    Regen Med recently executed inCytes™ license and related agreements with the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute (“IOG”), one of the largest orthopedic research/clinical centers in Europe.  IOG in turn is one of 18 hospitals owned by Gruppo San Donato (“GSD”) — 4 million patients annually, 5,100 beds, 4,000 physicians.

    Using inCytes™ as the backbone, IOG and GSD are consolidating under a separate brand — “REGAIN” —  the development, standardization and delivery of regenerative medicine procedures.  REGAIN is scheduled to commence operations this September in orthopedic, oral and plastic/reconstructive surgery, as well as physiatry and sports medicine.  Expansion of REGAIN activities to other disciplines will follow shortly thereafter.

    Regen Med will provide a number of services to support REGAIN, including clinical data collection and reports, education and training, coordination with vendors, studies/trials, payor reimbursement, product incubation and international patient referrals.

    For additional information, please refer to our Corporate Literature page, or contact us at info@rgnmed.com.

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  • Bone Marrow Concentrate for Knee and Hip OA: One Year Follow Up

    Bone Marrow Concentrate for Knee and Hip OA: One Year Follow Up

    Presented at the annual CELLS | Musculoskeletal 2016 conference in Amsterdam. 

    Jose Miguel Catalán, M.D., Severiano Dos Anjos Vilaboa, Ph.D.

    This is a prospective interventional clinical study including 8 patients . For preparing the bone marrow concentrate a new disposable point-of-care medical device was used. The total nucleated cell count for each patient was measured and recorded as quality control

    Pre and post-operative clinical outcomes overtime included the lower extremity functional scale (LEFS) and visual analog scale (VAS), as well as, MRI and Rx imaging during at least 6 months (ranging from 6 to 12 months). Download the abstract by clicking here: CELLS_Abstract_BMC_Catalan

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  • InCytes Software: Q2/17 Release

    InCytes Software: Q2/17 Release


    InCytes™ is an integrated software-as-a-service platform supporting the collection and utilization of data-sets underlying evidence-based medical therapies. Developed by an international network of scientific and clinical thought-leaders, the platform provides value to healthcare professionals, payors, researchers, industry, professional medical societies and regulators.

    InCytes’ longitudinal and verifiable data-sets can be used to analyze virtually any clinical path, protocol, indication or procedure – in an efficient, intuitive manner. It further supports the execution of studies/trials, cost/benefit analyses, decisions based on precision medicine, and other healthcare-delivery value assessments.

    In all, InCytes is much more than an electronic healthcare record or electronic data capture system. To learn more, please download our product brochure by clicking the link above.

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  • CELLS | Musculoskeletal 2016: Post-Conference Resources

    CELLS | Musculoskeletal 2016: Post-Conference Resources

    We would like to thank those who attended our recent CELLS | Musculoskeletal 2016 conference. You came from over twenty countries and various specialties to experience a highly scientific, yet clinically-relevant program that was excellently delivered by the prestigious faculty. We hope it has furthered interests in regenerative medicine, introduced all to a strong international network and elucidated pathways for clinical translation. 

    On our new event website, a select number of speaker presentations have been made available for download for a one-time fee of $250. You are invited to review the available content prior to purchase, which include PDF versions of the delivered Powerpoints, and companion audio recordings of their live delivery. Presentation access is free for those who attended, please refer to our post-conference email for your username and password details.

    The event is but a stepping stone towards true translation. For those who wish to continue the dialogue, we further encourage reaching out to us directly at info@rgnmed.com. We would be happy to provide next steps towards the establishment of regenerative medicine capabilities at your home clinic, hospital or laboratory.

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  • Bringing Cell Therapies to the Clinic: Brochure Download

    Bringing Cell Therapies to the Clinic: Brochure Download

    Despite the broad potential of RMP’s, clinical translation has been uneven. Barriers to broader adoption include regulatory uncertainty, paucity of clinically relevant data, the dynamic nature of modern cell science, less than-ethical “stem cell” marketing, non-standardized protocols, uncertain revenue models, and inadequate education and training of healthcare professionals and patients alike. As with many major advances in medicine – hematology, IVF, orthopedic surgery to name but a few – broad adoption of RMP’s will require clinical/ scientific leadership, protocol standardization, professional and patient education, and regulatory and third party payor acceptance. Regen Med — comprising internationally recognized clinical and thought leaders in regenerative medicine — is dedicated to assisting hospitals as well as smaller medical practices address these issues. Being product agnostic, Regen Med is able to align its interests with its “Affiliates” in establishing approaches to regenerative medicine which are evidence based, regulatorily-compliant and economically sensible.

    To read more, please download our full brochure: HCTCenter_Brochure_DIGITAL

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