• Bone Marrow Concentrate for Knee and Hip OA: One Year Follow Up

    Bone Marrow Concentrate for Knee and Hip OA: One Year Follow Up

    Presented at the annual CELLS | Musculoskeletal 2016 conference in Amsterdam. 

    Jose Miguel Catalán, M.D., Severiano Dos Anjos Vilaboa, Ph.D.

    This is a prospective interventional clinical study including 8 patients . For preparing the bone marrow concentrate a new disposable point-of-care medical device was used. The total nucleated cell count for each patient was measured and recorded as quality control

    Pre and post-operative clinical outcomes overtime included the lower extremity functional scale (LEFS) and visual analog scale (VAS), as well as, MRI and Rx imaging during at least 6 months (ranging from 6 to 12 months). Download the abstract by clicking here: CELLS_Abstract_BMC_Catalan

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  • The Potential Of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Orthopedics

    Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are pluripotent cells found in numerous human tissues, including bone marrow and adipose. Such MSCs have been shown to differentiate into bone and cartilage, along with other types of tissues.

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  • History of Adipose Stromal Cells

    Within the last decade, adipose tissue has gained popularity as the best source of cells for regenerative medicine applications. Adipose is not only a rich cell source, but also an abundant, “accessory” and easily accessible tissue sample.

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