Specific Educational Activities

  • CELLS Conferences

    Explore existing and emerging approaches to regenerative medicine procedures during our annual international conference.

  • Training

    Schedule a private training session with our staff of experienced surgeons and technicians.

  • Video Courses

    Watch leading cell scientists and clinicians share valuable regenerative medicine related presentations.

  • Local Events

    Interested in hosting a CELLS event in your home country? Contact us for additional details.


What are the specific forms of education and training formats you offer?

Regen Med proudly hosts an annual CELLS™ Musculoskeletal Conference in Europe, which draws scientists and practitioners from around the world to interact with surgical and scientific thought leaders who address the clinical translation of cell therapies to musculoskeletal pathologies. We are also developing CELLS Conferences for other regions of the world, and for indications beyond musculoskeletal. See here for more detail on upcoming CELLS™ conferences.

Beyond international conferences, Regen Med also provides specialized training programs for “open” cell dissociation techniques, use of proprietary devices; scientific or clinical speakers for third party conferences, scientific papers, focused professional education workshops, webinars and off-line and on-line patient education materials.

Can you provide educational conferences or materials in languages other than English?

Yes. On the one hand, international conferences, peer-reviewed scientific literature and similar educational channels are generally in English. On the other hand, communications in the audience’s native language inevitably ensure a much better transfer of information, as well as immediate and longer-term engagement.


How do you develop education and training for Affiliates?

A principal part of the value Regen Med provides to its Affiliates is education and training on the specific science, proprietary products and technology platforms, human cells/tissue (“HCT”) extraction/processing/re-injection protocols, laboratory techniques and best practices, data collection procedures and other matters relating to the particular regenerative medicine procedures (“RMP’s”) chosen by the Affiliate.

Typically, an Affiliate will initially focus on a particular category of RMP’s – e.g., adipose-based RMP’s for plastic/reconstructive indications, or blood-based RMP’s for orthopedic indications. With time, however, the Affiliate will find it valuable to utilize the capabilities of the HCT Center to accommodate RMP’s for other indications. Regen Med will provide the best-in-practice protocols and associated training to allow it to do so.

The education of an Affiliate’s prospective and current patients is critical. We work closely with the Affiliate to develop off-line and on-line education resources, as well as programs taking advantage of the fast-developing capabilities of telemedicine.

We are a teaching hospital, with ample scientific and educational resources. How can Regen Med help us?

Many factors make it difficult for practitioners, and even major teaching hospitals, to be confident in how best to offer regenerative medicine procedures in a clinical setting. These factors include (i) the rapidity with which the relevant science in advancing; (ii) the non-disclosure of many new developments occurring in the context of clinical trials; (iii) the absence of a true “center of excellence” in regenerative medicine; (iv) uncertainty regarding regulatory compliance; (v) lack of or uneven training in contemporary human cells/tissue extraction, processing and/or reinjection techniques; (vi) lack of familiarity with new proprietary HCT technology platforms; (vii) uncertainty regarding appropriate revenue models.

In the context of an academic hospital, Regen Med typically first works closely with a clinical Department chair to establish an action plan, including internal and external educational materials, which can then be presented to the hospital administration for adoption.

Latest Events

  • CELLS | Musculoskeletal 2016: Post-Conference Resources

    CELLS | Musculoskeletal 2016: Post-Conference Resources

    We would like to thank those who attended our recent CELLS | Musculoskeletal 2016 conference. You came from over twenty countries and various specialties to experience a highly scientific, yet clinically-relevant program that was excellently delivered by the prestigious faculty. We hope it has furthered interests in regenerative medicine, introduced all to a strong international network and elucidated pathways for clinical translation. 

    On our new event website, a select number of speaker presentations have been made available for download for a one-time fee of $250. You are invited to review the available content prior to purchase, which include PDF versions of the delivered Powerpoints, and companion audio recordings of their live delivery. Presentation access is free for those who attended, please refer to our post-conference email for your username and password details.

    The event is but a stepping stone towards true translation. For those who wish to continue the dialogue, we further encourage reaching out to us directly at info@rgnmed.com. We would be happy to provide next steps towards the establishment of regenerative medicine capabilities at your home clinic, hospital or laboratory.

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  • Save the Date: CELLS 2016

    Save the date for this year’s CELLS conference, to be held in Amsterdam, October 7-9.  Event to be hosted at the 5 Star NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, located squarely in the city center of bustling Amsterdam. Stand by for additional conference details, including: clinically relevant conference program download, diverse speaker list announcement and a memorable gala dinner invitation.

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