Severiano Dos Anjos Vilaboa, Ph.D

Presenting at our 2016 CELLS conference in Amsterdam

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  • Education

    Clinicians and scientists around the world want to become better educated and trained in the field of regenerative medicine. Regen Med’s CELLS events address that need by providing comprehensive curriculums that integrate basic science, real clinical cases and hands-on training.

    Our programs our designed and delivered by internationally renowned thought-leaders, and cover a broad range of tissue sources, products, indications and specialties. Delivered once a year in picturesque locations, our CELLS events provide a perfect platform for forging new and productive relationships in this growing field.

Key Features:

Renowned Faculty

Internationally recognized thought-leaders from the Laboratory, Clinic, Regulatory Bodies and more.

Leading Sponsors

Attended by innovative product, device and educational Regenerative Medicine companies.

Comprehensive Program

Integrated lecture, debate and audience-interactive sessions span across a diverse number of topics.

Attendee Networking

Social events and interactive forums help cultivate new relationships in this emerging and cross-disciplinary field.

Hands-on Training

Innovative tissue harvesting and processing techniques, cell characterization methods, image-guided injection/grafting, and more.

Abstract Contests

Contribute new and exciting research topics and receive rewards by participating in our Abstract Submissions Contests.