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It's About What You Do With It

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  • Challenge

    Healthcare delivery and reimbursement models are fundamentally changing. Patient expectations are higher. Regulatory and compliance issues are becoming more complex. In this new world data is currency, and it is in growing demand by all healthcare constituencies.

    However, not all data are equal. HCP’s are already over-burdened with data entry which does little to improve outcomes, and indeed impairs professional satisfaction as well as patient experience. For the clinician, payor and patient, data entry should be painless, and drive the singular goal of achieving superior, repeatable outcomes.


InCytes™ was built by clinicians for clinicians to capture and exploit clinical evidence. Users connect around the globe to communicate, collaborate and securely share insights that improve professional and patient experiences.

How it Works


Join, or create your own, inCytes™ Circle for team patient care, studies and trials, professional education or publication, registries and more. You are in control, but not alone.


Navigate easily through a large and evolving library of custom queries, surveys and assessments relevant to any particular pathology or treatment. Capture the “right” data, and exclude all else.


Generate engaging reports to analyze outcomes, benchmark results, provide patient education and more. Put your data to work from day 1.