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  • Regen Med Network

    Most advances in medicine are attributable to effective professional collaboration, and this is particularly true in the dynamic field of evidence-based regenerative medicine.

    The Regen Med Network is not another alliance, registry or professional society. Rather, it is a commitment by each of its members to share scientifically/clinically relevant data, and otherwise collaborate, regarding regenerative medicine procedures. The Network also reflects the commitment by Regen Med – directed by healthcare professionals for the benefit of their peers — to invest in and make available the platforms and other resources which will support that collaboration in a meaningful way.

    As a result, Network members enjoy frictionless tools for private and sponsored studies/trials, KOL access, education and training, discounts on devices and consumable, protocol and SOP libraries, patient education materials, continuity of cross-discipline and cross border patient care.

    Below are some of the many ways to engage with the Regen Med Network. You will find it professionally stimulating to do so.

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Membership Directory

Member Name Speciality Institution
Alan J. Russell, Ph.D Board Member Not specified
Michael O’Regan, Ph.D Market Development Europe Not specified
J. William Futrell, M.D. Chairman Not specified
J. Peter Rubin, M.D. Board Member Not specified
Michael P. Tierney, J.D. Chief Executive Officer Not specified
Peter Johnson, M.D. Board Member Not specified
Nicolas Tierney Chief Operating Officer Not specified
Cleveland Clinic Not specified Not specified
Beijing Puhua International Hospital Not specified Not specified
Svetlana Chuikova Product Manager: inCytes Not specified