The Regenerative Galeazzi Institute "REGAIN"

Opened in September 2017 to provide centralized capabilities for Galeazzi's existing clinical teams.

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    Regen Med works with academic medical centers, as well as smaller clinics, to exploit the many opportunities inherent in regenerative medicine. The Company was established by internationally respected surgeons and scientists, who understand the needs of busy department chairs, clinicians, payors and, of course, patients.

    In principle, many hospital groups have the ability to develop successful regenerative medicine centers of excellence on their own. In practice, however, they have not done so. Regen Med has a single focus – helping providers harness, and as needed supplement, their resources to establish an integrated regenerative medicine center which (i) ensures superior, repeatable outcomes across multiple indications, (ii) provides a rewarding professional and patient experience, and (iii) does so in a product-agnostic, efficient and financially viable manner.

Project Sequence:

1 Regen Med sends a coordinated clinical/scientific team to perform due diligence on institution’s existing resources, local regulatory environment, available device market, and more.

2 Based on the foregoing research, Regen Med presents an integrated business plan containing a budget, pro-forma P&L, allocation of responsibilities and timeline for launch.

3 Once mutually agreed upon, Regen Med coordinates the establishment of the “Center”, including fitting out space, negotiation and procurement of relevant products, design and drafting of RMP protocols, organization of educational modules, and deploying a white-label version of inCytes™.

4 Regen Med sends the original team to perform a pre-launch checklist, and provide robust training in all newly developed clinical, scientific and data collection protocols.

5 The Center launches and begins admitting patients.

6 Regen Med assists with immediate expansion of the Center by exploring new therapies, indications and specialties, negotiating workshops, studies and clinical trials with device manufacturers, establishing international channels for patient referrals, and forging valuable relationships with other institutions within the Regen Med network.