Improving Patient Experience and Outcomes Through Evidence-Based Regenerative Medicine

With Whom Do We Work?

  • Hospitals & Clinics

    New primary, adjunct therapies. New patient populations.         Co-investment.

  • Industry

    Studies, peer-reviewed papers, focused workshops, new indications for existing products.

  • Scientists

    Accelerate publications, translational and innovative research.

  • Patients

    Authoritative regenerative medicine procedures. Transparent patient experience.

  • Government

    Practical, scientifically supported approaches to public sector and military needs.

  • Foundations

    Focused research/studies utilizing international thought-leader network.

  • Research Institutions

    Accelerate translation opportunities.  Participate in multi-center studies/trials.

  • Private Practices

    Increased revenues.  Build enduring equity value.

  • Veterinary

    Increased revenues through new science-based therapies.

Latest Regen Med Activities

  • HCT Centers: Frequently Asked Questions Download

    Human Cell/Tissue Centers (“HCT”) support the delivery of regenerative medicine procedures in a manner designed to obtain consistent clinical results. Whether as a large teaching hospital, or small, specific practice, an HCT center is a reliable, profitable and regulatorily compliant assets for the establishment of a regenerative medicine practice. To learn more about HCT Centers and gain answers to frequently asked questions by our affiliates, please click here.

  • Regen Med for Healthcare Professionals

    Regen Med supports hospitals, clinics and physicians around the world in the delivery of regulatorily-compliant and evidence-based regenerative medicine procedures (“RMP’s”). Together, the Company’s management, Clinical/Scientific Advisory Board, and affiliated thought-leaders provide many decades of international surgical, medical, scientific, financial, legal and business experience directly relevant to the application of regenerative medicine in a clinical setting. To learn more about how Regen Med works with Healthcare Professionals, download the full PDF here.

  • Save the Date: CELLS 2016

    Save the date for this year’s CELLS conference, to be held in Amsterdam, October 7-9.  Event to be hosted at the 5 Star NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, located squarely in the city center of bustling Amsterdam. Stand by for additional conference details, including: clinically relevant conference program download, diverse speaker list announcement and a memorable gala dinner invitation.

  • Gold Winner: CELLS 2015 Abstract Submissions Contest

    Non-Reconstructable Peripheral Vascular Disease of the Lower Extremity in Ten Patients Treated With Adipose-derived Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells:  SVF cell therapy for end-stage disease
    Submitted by: Michael Carstens, M.D., Diego Correa, M.D., Ph.D., Arturo Gomez, M.D., Ronald Cortés, M.D., Elizabeth Turner, M.D., Cecilia Pérez, M.D., Marlon Ocon, M.D.

  • Gold Winner: Osteoplastic Cell-Based Therapy For Delayed Union Fractures

    “A pilot Phase I/IIa, multicentre, open proof-of-concept study on the efficacy and safety of allogeneic osteoblastic cells (ALLOB®) implantation in non-infected delayed-union fractures”

    Elisa Llinares, PhD ; Audrey Colliou, PharmD ; Enrico Bastianelli, MD, MBA

  • Silver Winner: CELLS 2015 Abstract Submissions Contest

    Dzmitry Bukach M.D., Minsk, Belarus


    Current cell therapy for cartilage regeneration has no common approach for stem cells source selection, surgical method of transplantation, cells graft differentiation degree. The objective of the study was to determine the optimal conditions of developed mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) transplantation method in experiment and to analyze its effectiveness and safety in clinical trial.